Tuesday, January 04, 2011


This is pretty much what my holidays looked like:

The best gift either of us received this year--
is it an animal? Is it an Idea? Is it one creature 
crapped by another, or a creature crapped by itself?


This is from the Christmas movie, the only Christmas movie; 
it is called Wee Sing the Best Christmas Ever! and it involves 
a group of elves named Dermy, Gusty, Poofer, Dimpie, and Snooter--
which are all like an alien's idea of what elf names would be

This is a fine game to play while drinking, 
because you are a sheep and the object of the game 
is to get the most wool before you get eaten,
and every so often when you roll a Danger
you both have to snatch for the wolf and howl as loud as you can
to prevent yourself from being carnally devoured--
Wild Wool indeed


JMH said...

I adore your Christmas. It's always just what it should be.


Sandy Longhorn said...

I want to party with you! Awesome holiday!

Tricia said...

It's rude to brag, but I just GOT TO

Whimsy said...

I don't know if the poop animal or the grandma is scarier.

Tricia said...

That's no grandma, Whims, that is an extremely manly elf

Anonymous said...

i'm imagining a deep resonant tone, like the kind of tone that would come out of every easter island statue simultaneously as the island itself lifts into the sky and incredulous tourists look on, coming out of the mouth of the crap animal.

Patricia Lockwood said...

Totally, or like the sound of the Old Brontosaurus Call in The Dark Crystal

Anonymous said...

that's exactly what i was thinking of - but i couldn't place it.