Sunday, December 26, 2010

35 degrees

I step into the cold of a Florida night and instantly my Ice Age instincts kick in and I am looking for a caribou to kill


Sandy Longhorn said...

Thanks for the laugh. Stay warm.

Whimsy said...

Yeah, if you can imagine, it was like 20 warmer in Colorado than Florida this weekend.

I don't know about caribou, but I was once served reindeer steak in business class on Air Iceland, coming back from Hannover some years back. They actually called it "Saga Class", and I guess Iceland Air is so small . . . oh, I'll just finish this story on my blog.

Tricia said...

All of me is warm except my feet, Sandy, which are sadly from a corpse

Jeff is that TRUE? Why are businessmen so lucky? Iceland Air, SAGA CLASS

Radish King said...

Tricia after you kill it will you open it and crawl inside it to stay warm? I read that story when I was 6 and I never got over it.

Rebecca in the Balmy North

Tricia said...

I wouldn't be surprised if I did, it will be my only chance in this life to take on Caribou Form