Thursday, April 16, 2009

That Is All

This is...the best advertisement for anything I have ever seen:

I am your king, and I am commanding you to purchase this treasure--recession be damned! Go make this man a millionaire.


Jim said...


Thanks. I did design the cover myself, the publisher picked the fonts. Finding that photo was pure dumb luck.

If you send your address via email, I will send an autographed hardcover cover.

Jim Lynch

cuchulainn said...

It does look interesting. I just finished Mark Bowden's book on the tribes of the Safed Koh in eastern Afghanistan, where they fed their dogs a mix of ibex kibble and C4, in an IED campaign against the Soviet menace (All Dogs Go to Allah, ISBN 1593782497). As soon as my tax refund check is in, I'll be ordering this'un.

Tricia said...

Mr. Lynch! Your work is delicious, and I would be honored to receive such a keepsake. I swear on the Scouts that I will frame it.

Ibex Kibble! Band name.

Jim said...

Tricia -- send your address to and I will put your copy in the mail on Monday -- Jim

equeli<-- a lie consisting of two half truths

Shannon said...

Stay safe, y'hear?.

Tricia said...