Tuesday, March 06, 2007

Come Quick

Tao Lin is having sex with us!

Edited to actually link to the man, God I am such a renard


Tao Lin said...

thank you for defending me on that message board i found while checking statcounter to bear parade

i wasn't trying to be mean to that person

i thought people appreciated non-form letter rejections

i didn't accept that poem on 3 a.m. today by the way, some other editor did

Tricia said...

Truthfully I live to defend people on message boards--I have for example defended you, various commie pinkos, and the clown from IT who was handsomer than anyone was willing to admit. Anyway, I had linked to your story in a loving way, so I thought I should step up and say something, since I am a vocal fan of yours. I am a fan of Ofelia's, too--I wasn't trying to crap on her poem's little face by saying that I enjoy her fiction more.

As for non-form rejections, I look forward to the day when editors will appear to me in hologram form and speak tenderly of their reasons. There will be fewer misunderstandings then, I am thinking.