Monday, March 05, 2007


My monkeypunch has at long last been unveiled over at the indomitable Monkey Punch Dinosaur, whose mission appears to have been tailor-made for my own particular talents. Go check it out, if you are not too lazy and/or unwilling to cast your eyes on yet another piece of my art for fear of going ignominiously blind.

Also, if you're in the mood to participate in a different, more purposeful kind of poetry contest, please go check out steef's Reeding Lessons, a blog that aims to document "the quest to track down everything written by (and written about) the poet, translator, critic, and radio dramatist, Henry Reed." He is having a research contest--you have till April 1st to photocopy the shit out of something useful, and you could win a book. I cannot be the only one who finds such concerted eggheadery extremely delicious, so go visit, and maybe read his chapbook too! I especially enjoyed "Lost Herodotus," which I cannot help thinking would make a great cartoon.

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