Thursday, March 08, 2007

You Probably Saw This Coming

You will be pleased to hear that tomorrow marks the beginning of the First Ever Inaugural Dylan Thomas+Crazy Dick Weeklong Interpretive Extravaganza, during which I will illustrate a number of Dylan Thomas poems with the help of a certain long-neglected Crazy Dick, who wants terribly to be inserted between some bone and some blood, some worm and some loin. A quick thumb through his collected poems will tell you that, fond as the man was of the word cock, I could probably devote myself to Dylan Thomas+Crazy Dick drawings for months on end, but I wouldn't want my shtick to get repetitive. Obviously. Anyway, Radish King, this week's for you!


Radish King said...

YAY! I already steamed my best red dress and thumbed through my copy of the collected. I tried to catch the rooster running wild by the river at my glamorous job so I could send him to you, but he is one cagey cock and refused to be enticed.


Tricia said...

You should set a trap for him, a rope trap that will grab his foot when he steps into it and hang him upside down. Then, while he's dangling there, stand underneath him and shout, "WHERE IS YOUR SUNRISE NOW? WHERE IS YOUR CRACK OF DAWN?" That is, I think, how they would do it in the movies.