Sunday, February 25, 2007

This Has Nothing to Do with Marianne Moore, Unless She Is Blogging from Beyond the Grave

It is high time I got a real blogroll going, I know. I read blogs for a living--it is one of these new jobs of the future--except you wouldn't know it because I am such a monumental silence-keeper in the comments department. I am always afraid of saying some wrong offensive thing by accident, which makes no sense, because wrong is the butter spread all over the offensive baguette of my interaction with every human being I have ever met. Also, I am one of these people who has never quite got used to the informality of the internet, and I secretly feel that everything I post should be at least well-considered, if not labored over. What a laughable idea. You know what, actually? I should start a blog comprised wholly of comments that I have almost posted. It would be updated about six times a day. Or, even better, it could be a communal blog, and everyone could reveal their almost-posted comments. Anyway, what I mean to say is that I probably read your blog, as well as your mom's blog, as well as your mom's blog written in the voice of her lapdog, but I will almost certainly leave some people off the list by mistake, so if you would feel like bursting if you weren't on it, drop a note in my comments and say hello.

P.S. Speaking of blogs, I know I've mentioned Reginald Shepherd here before, but as I continue to squeeze his posts to death within the gray coils of my fondness, I thought I would mention him again. He makes me feel that the world is full of good teachers! Go visit and allow him to tap your forehead with his boner of eloquence. Also, Sarah Sloat's blog is a huge, mule-shaped piñata of interestingness--I have no idea why I haven't visited it before.

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