Monday, February 26, 2007

I'm Feeling Kind of Literal Today

    A lizard in the midst of flames, a firebrand
that is life, asbestos-eyed asbestos-eared, with tattooed nap
and permanent pig on
the instep

--from "His Shield"

How, you might be wondering, is that amazing lizard surviving those flames? Maybe because instead of eyeballs, he has mesotheliomas. Maybe because instead of the more typical head-ears, he has two giant flame-retardant ones on his chest. Maybe because his crotchtoo is a constant source of spiritual and physical refreshment. And maybe, just maybe, because he is walking around on a cushy pair of imperishable pigs. Now, think how satisfying that bacon would be.


Robert said...

That was really funny! Thanks for making me laugh. I just fav-ed you on Technorati.

Tricia said...

Awww yeah. Birthday lovers unite!

RHE said...

It's March already! Time for a new poet to mutila...explicate. I propose Samuel Cimarosa, an unknown, unpublished poet who lived from 1948(?)-1991(?), none of whose works survive, and who therefore is a splendid subject upon whom to exercise the arts of unlimited illustration.

Tricia said...

Your idea bladder is so constantly full to bursting, Richard, I wonder that you do not have more accidents.

Announcement coming soon!