Thursday, February 01, 2007


Do we have time for one more example of my illuminative mastery before we declare the whompingly successful month of Ashbuary over and done with? Oh, I think so. Here's one for the ages:

Meanwhile there was one
Who all unseen came creeping at this scale of visions
Like the gigantic specter of a cat towering over tiny mice
About to adjourn the town meeting due to the shadow

from "The Pursuit of Happiness"

Finally, an illustration that needs no explanation whatsoever. You have your gigantic cat specter, your tiny mice with gavels, your wind-driven tongue rain. No need to thank me, I just thought I'd throw a bone to all the children who are reading, arriving here by search terms as various as "jokes about fingers," "animal breasts," "meow mix cake," and "two eyes joke." Little babies, I hope you enjoyed Ashbuary as much as I did. My most sincere thanks to the underwater Ana, the yet-elusive Moosiluake, and the obedient Elegant Choice for the rib-sticking submissions.

I'm considering several poets for February, but I'm having a difficult time settling on one. Maybe I'll open it up to a vote tomorrow.


RHE said...

I'd like to propose Barnaby Googe for February. It's true that his poems are neither particularly numerous nor particularly interesting, but how are you going to beat a name like that?

Tricia said...

What else can I say? Last night I had never heard of him; this morning I renamed the cat in his honor.