Monday, January 29, 2007

How Nice That I Am Not Afraid to Look So Unattractive on the Internet: Part Two

In my last entry, I was so excited to have our new computer up and running that I neglected to mention that my family would be arriving the next night for a visit. Consequently, for the next three days I was extremely busy playing beach volleyball with a certain fraternal ogre:

poking my fingers into the bronze palm-wounds of an enormous Jesus statue:

and eating whole chickens like a freaking Rex. My apologies. I had nothing to post this morning, either; luckily for everyone, Elegant Choice came to the rescue with this:

"Under the day's crust a half-eaten child
And further sores which eyesight shall reveal"

from "The Pied Piper"

I can't be the only person who wishes that half-eaten child-pies were included more often in works of art. Think of the statue possibilities; think of the tapestries! Also: if you're wondering, those blue lines illustrate the "future eyesight" that will eventually reveal some further sores--here depicted by a disembodied herp-plagued lip. God, he's such a genius.

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