Saturday, February 03, 2007


How do you feel about Marianne Moore--Ms. Mongoose Civique herself--for February? Nice, right? Who else could I choose, when her poems are so relentlessly animal-filled? She is after my own heart. It will be difficult, I think, but I'm up for the challenge, being as how I digesteth harde yron for breakfast and all.


RHE said...

Well, it'll be a fertile choice, but it seems somehow too...predictable. We'll have pictures of Edsels driven by pangolins and steeplejacks dressed like swans at Versailles. The whimsy of it all is certain to become a bit twee.

How about Frederick Tuckerman, a really bad 19th-c. American poet absurdly overrated by Yvor Winters? No one could lend himself less to whimsy--or even pleasure. Now that would be a challenge to your powers of invention.

Tricia said...

If you think that I could draw a recognizable pangolin without some kind of guiding genius falcon on my wrist, you are insane. As for Frederick Tuckerman, I think I will accept your suggestion, for the day at least! Wait and see.