Thursday, January 04, 2007

Farewell, Tennyson, Here Are Some Brains

"I marvell'd how the mind was brought
To anchor by one gloomy thought"

from The Two Voices

The minds I have drawn are anchored variously by the gloomy thoughts: "Corncobs feel pain but cannot scream," "My glue has horses in it," and "What if Jesus isn't watching over me because he is too busy getting blowjobs from little dolphins who believe he is offering them some new kind of delicious fish?" I will admit that this drawing is largely autobiographical, being as how all three of those concerns have troubled my own mind from time to time. Above the anchored minds leaps a carefree little dolphin, for whom the thought, "That fish was even more delicious than I dreamed it would be," is not an anchor but a buoy.

My deepest apologies to Tennyson, who got totally shafted by holiday insanity. Consider this the last official Tennyson drawing. Any remaining ideas I have must be buried inside of me like cold pets. I am, however, still trying to decide what should be done about the ill-fated Tennyson contest; I'm willing to keep it open longer, but I'm also willing to close up shop and award the sow medallion to Elegant Choice, who was the lone entrant. Here's what I'll do: drop me a note, either here in the comments or through email, if you would still like to enter a drawing, and I'll keep the contest open for you. If I don't get any notes, then I'll close it and hang the yellow pig around my husband's neck, if you know what I mean.

I will announce Ana's spectacular decision tomorrow! I am excited unto pissing for this next month, and I think you will be as well.


Rebecca said...

Me too!

Tricia said...

So close! Only moments away! Woof!

Anonymous said...

And how very yellow that hanging pig is

Tricia said...

As only you, and some other guys, would know.