Saturday, December 23, 2006

Quick, an Update Before My Fingers Grow Too Clumsy with Ham: Pig Contest Entry Number One

As of this minute, this is the first and only Tenny Tenny Alf Lord Alf Tenny Tenny Pig Contest submission I have received. It is a product of the mind of Elegant Choice, which is so fine that it delights in being freaked by ideas with some regularity and considerable roughness. I know I said I would display the entries all at once, but since I may not have a chance to post again before Christmas and had nothing else to post today anyway, I decided to throw caution to the wind--if I do receive more entries, I'll just post them as they come. This one is really too good to keep to myself any longer, though, so allow me to present to you Pig Contest Entry the First.
'O God-like isolation which art mine,
I can but count thee perfect gain,
What time I watch the darkening droves of swine
That range on yonder plain.

'In filthy sloughs they roll a prurient skin,
They graze and wallow, breed and sleep;
And oft some brainless devil enters in,
And drives them to the deep.'

from "The Palace of Art"

Here, Elegant Choice explained, was a picture of a brainless devil entering a swine. More literally, he added, here was a picture of President George W. Bush inserting himself abominably into Vice President Dick Cheney, and uttering a silver-tongued witticism as he did so. I found it to be extremely tastefully done, as well as a masterful illumination of the very lines that Tennyson, from beyond the bar, is at this moment thanking us for pressing into the service of the President and his pig-possessing cause. A round of applause for you, Elegant Choice, and I wish you the best of luck at judging. You're up against some tough competition.


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p.s. My word verification is asuncl, I swear to god -- ASS UNCLE.


Tricia said...

Yesterday my word verification was eleven letters long. I think it's malfunctioning. Or maybe it was only six letters, but they were all fat ones.

MERRY CHRISTMAS EVE! My party sends you rays of love--genital rays, even.