Tuesday, October 17, 2006

I'd Like to Have a Penis, Maybe, but I Would Want It on the Back of My Wrist, So I Could Backhand You and Fuck Your Ear at the Same Time: Day 16

This is what the original picture looked like. I know what you all must be thinking: that my eyes are the eyes of a mesmerist. Also, how nice that I am not afraid to look so unattractive on the internet. This unattractiveness is not entirely the fault of God and my parents; I was trying to make my hair look like a wig.

"For who can care at the wigs despoiling the Satan ear?"

from "Banal Sojourn"

This is what the picture looked like after I drew a wig on myself, made my body a fantasy color, and gave myself Satan ears. You can tell they are Satan ears because the one is calling Jesus a fatso, and you can tell they are being despoiled because the one complains of the molestin' he is currently undergoing.


theres something about Mary said...


Looks like the wig in the top pic has been despoiled itself, a little.

Tricia said...

Is it that obvious? I had hoped to be a little more discreet.

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