Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Recent Keyword Activity, Or: Set My Blog on Fire

Okay, I'm not trying to JUDGE anyone, but: we need to talk about what you people are searching for these days.

how does my mother look -- she looks really good

human vagina mutation -- I am a human vagina mutation, mine grew like this whole WOMAN around it

no bikini -- seems like an incredibly roundabout way to search "naked"

lizard vagina -- I wrote a poem about this, of course I did

throwin up cartoons -- the jauntiness charms me. Throwin up cartoons! Yeah! Who wouldn't want to see one?

harp girl, harp erotic, teen harp -- OH MY GOD. The hunger for harp photos grows, and somehow I am the only person on the internet working to feed it. Are all you dudes from Wales or what

anime wolf eating at bone -- I have no idea

pressing and sucking bare breasts -- yesss PRESS THEM, bare breasts simply love to be "pressed"


beth coyote said...

What about unicorns? Without unicorns, I feel like an amputated leg.

Patricia Lockwood said...

That is the reasonable feeling to have, yes

wv: calky

Dramatic Male Bang said...

OK, Miss Innocent, but why come these searches lead to yr blog hmmm? How I found this blog inna first place, I googled "anime wolf pressing and sucking harp vagina."

Patricia Lockwood said...

I just put the words here, to tempt those looking to get sticky with 'em

Whimsy said...

Your keywords are so exotic and sexful.

Keyword phrases that got people to my blog include "cardamom mountains", "tube hotels", "moon formation", "funny proctology", and "stalin vs. martian".

As Dave Barry like to say, I'm not making this up.

Patricia Lockwood said...

WHOA we are worlds apart

Valerie Loveland said...

To get to mine is is stuff like: "fattest cat in the world."

Patricia Lockwood said...

We might have some overlap, Valerie, though mine are more likely to be "fattest cat in the world, naked"

sandrasimonds said...

Haha. I got "diaper drop poems" yesterday.

Patricia Lockwood said...

I'm tempted to google that myself, to see what treasures it yields

The saddest is when you get one for like "Bible clip-art" or "ice-cream poems" or "birthday jokes" or something that clearly the nicest grandmother is searching