Tuesday, September 07, 2010

Sculpture Is So Easy, Michelangelo or Whoever

Our friend Child-Size Lavender was in town all week, so I abandoned you to frolic with her. Yesterday was her last night, so to celebrate we had a vodka-drinking head-sculpting party where we just sculpted the guts out of each other with varying degrees of accuracy. The clay was hard, and we were drunk! It's a miracle the heads turned out so beautifully.


I sculpted Child-Size Lavender's head,

Child-Size Lavender sculpted Elegant Choice's head--
it was difficult because as you can see from this picture
he is made of gold and shines so brightly 
no mere human can look directly at him

and Elegant Choice sculpted my head.
Steal my essence why don't you! 
Let's get a closer look at that sweet bust:


Whimsy said...

Did anyone every tell you that you have cupid bow lips?

Tricia said...

Um yes my drama teacher's wife once told me I should "be Pinocchio in a play"

Admiral Farragut said...

You all look so serious, as though you are sculpting the terra-cotta army with which you will be buried. And the Elegant One looks positively gangsta! Is this a room full of mean drunks? Did anyone get cut?

Tricia said...

I think we look that way because we had been concentrating so hard; Troll 2 was playing while we worked and I don't remember a single thing about it