Monday, June 28, 2010

Recent Scrooge McDuck Updates

Scrooge McDuck: Where is my fans?

Scrooge McDuck: I love all my fans!! - but I still prefer and love my money more ♥ Regards your Scrooge McDuck :-)

Scrooge McDuck: can't sit here and not making business! I go back to work. - yours Scrooge McDuck

Scrooge McDuck: Mmmhh... I just LOVE money ! ♥ What about you ? ;-)

Scrooge McDuck: What are you thinking about? I am thinking about MONEY! :D

Scrooge McDuck: Money is my world!

Scrooge McDuck: Money is on my mind!

Scrooge McDuck: swims in my Money! Mhh... I like! :D ♥


ron hardy said...

Gearloose tweets to self:
Note to self. Weather station cufflinks are too heavy...
note to self: left robot smile on kitchen table...
note to self: a week clock(light bulb)...
Do you think Scrooge is bi-polar Tricia?

Tricia said...

Nooo, but I DO think he may be Swedish, at least in this current incarnation

ron hardy said...

Where is the duck living? His homeland wants seventy percent of the pie.

Admiral Farragut said...

"Swimmin' in my money
with my money on my mind."
-- Snoop Ducky Duckk

Tricia said...

Mhh... I like!

Whimsy said...

Did you know that someone built a scale model of his swimming pool. Seriously.