Monday, June 21, 2010


Allow me to unveil the cover of BOONE!, my collection of Daniel Boone persona poems. It is a romance. They are dancing, and Daniel Boone is screaming with pleasure. Coming this fall from Oh Like YOU Could Draw a Buffalo Press.


Anonymous said...

Buff Nips

Radish King said...

this is so funny i can't comment

Radish King said...

I recently told a friend that the 3 funniest people on earth were Bill Murray Jane Lynch and Tricia Lockwood. He looked at me askance and said what about Bill Murray and etc. and I insisted it was true. He will be reading here soon.

wv: Allysess! What all the bitch cheerleaders at Holy Names were named.

Tricia said...

My most profound illustrations always render people silent, kind of like the Sistine Chapel

WV: NASIVAN, clearly some kind of nosehole spray