Sunday, April 18, 2010

Do It Now

You need to become a fan of Scrooge McDuck on Facebook. The status updates are indescribable. Today:
Scrooge McDuck: Anyone, who has something exciting to share about our great duck? :-)
Thomas W: Scrooge was my "invisible friend" in my childhood! :-)

Mary H: Even before I could read my Mom was reading stories about the greatest duck to me. Happiness was imagining sharing his adventures. Actually it is still happiness.

Giovanni V: something exciting to share about our great duck? Simple! HE IS GREAT!!!

Gregor F: Years are passing, perspectives are changing and yet this Duck always come along with me


M-----l said...

This almost makes me wish I hadn't deleted my Facebook account. Almost.

Tricia said...

Facebook is a scourge, but there are certain...compensations.

RHE said...

How rich is Uncle Scrooge?

Tricia said...

Scrooge is ALWAYS the richest, but Forbes never admits it. I think they don't want a duck to win.