Thursday, March 04, 2010

Couples Time

On Monday Elegant Choice and I went lunatic and attacked my copy of Cabinet of Natural Curiosities with an x-acto knife, which I think is the most satisfying art weapon. We tore in like it was a gazelle and ripped deep steaks out of it and cut them up, and then we spent the night making freaked-out collages in our bathroom. We went through a whole can of spray glue in two hours! It seemed like such a good idea at the time, but for the last three days I have had a severe Brain Headache. I wonder if this is okay?

We hung the collages above our bed but now I am afraid that all the Biology will get me pragnent. I must guard against this. I will use the most antiquated birth controls I can find--goatskin scrolls and sea sponges and the open jaws of a rattlesnake all up inside me. A little reef of fire coral. The orange and sudden Scare Frill of a lizard!


Radish King said...

sea sponges. that's what they put inside of me once in the olden days to make me dilate when i was young and needed an abortion. no shit. sorry this post is so bleak. WTF BLEAK REBECCA?


Tricia said...

I had no idea, I was working on instinct--but now that I look it up I see that they also use something called sea tangle, or Laminaria, for this purpose. Just, whoa. I will think about this.