Sunday, May 03, 2009


Oh my God, have you read Larry Rivers' autobiography? That man had sex with everything, including velvet chairs! He got Jean Garrigue pregnant and William Carlos Williams gave her a free abortion! What? WHAT? How did I not know this? Representative quote:

"Am I saying that if five women sat on my cock or masturbated in front of me, they'd have a perfect right to categorize me as retarded?"

Riddle me that, puritans! It is a question for the ages.


Suzanne said...

I LOVE your blog.

Radish King said...

I've read it several times. What Did I Do? Even the title cracks me up.

Tricia said...

Thank you, Suzanne! I hold your caps next to my heart.

It is so, so good, my priceless one. When will you write yours, so I can finally sleep with something true under my pillow?

Radish King said...

A terrifying endeavour for all.

Funny Videos said...

I like your blog very much. Its amazing

steef said...

Pull my daisyTip my cup
All my doors are open
Cut my thoughts for coconuts
All my eggs are broken.

Tricia said...

MESMERIZING. Ginsberg's pantomime!