Thursday, February 05, 2009

Bad Try, People, and Also Thank God

Only thirteen people expressed a desire to see my body poisoned with CLAM CAKES, so instead you must be content with pictures of me dressed as a pirate,

sipping a drink that I erroneously believe to be "tropical,"

making Robert Frost faces in front of his cottage, spanking trespassers with a rolled-up poem,

standing in the shadow of the most awe-inspiring Jesus statue ever sculpted--his eyes are literally black burrows where the badger Judgment hides,

observing the cat Archibald, who spends all day bathing himself on Hemingway's bed because he is a king,

and gazing at pages of meadow-porn, spilled from the filthy fingers of one John James Audubon.

Clam-clamorers, can you be content with these?


steef said...

ROBERT COST FROTTAGE! (Or similar expletive of equal failure and disappointment.)

Tricia said...

O DANG, how did I miss that frottage joke? It was right there in front of me! Anyway, don't cry, baby steef--you know I'll probably eat them cakes anyway, for science.

Radish King said...

I love Key West. I took classes with Sharon Olds in that red building behind Jesus. Haha! Double name dropper.

ps. You look exactly like a swilly pirate in those photos. Well done!


Tricia said...

I knew I felt something in that red building! All like a wind, all blowing up the skirts of perception!

Adam said...

i suppose it will suffice... *sigh*