Friday, December 05, 2008

It's So Much Worse Than That Piss Christ, Barry Blitt I Am ON TO YOU

The offensive cartoonist "Barry Blitt" is at it again, I see! His latest New Yorker cover depicts Barack Obama crouching in vague potty fashion while interviewing dogs,

while in the background, wait a minute, hold on, how can this be...

That is clearly Hitler. Note the moustache, the beady eye, the forelock that manifests in moments of high excitement--for what would be more exciting to Hitler than helping Barack Obama choose a dog? Perhaps only looking at facts about Berlin, as last week's New Yorker revealed:

Hitler's reading yields few new insights, and some of what Ryback dredges up is merely peculiar: between the pages of an early acquisition, a guidebook to Berlin, is "a wiry inch-long black hair that appears to be from a moustache."

My first thought was, "Naive reviewer, how did you manage to overlook the pubic truth?" The cartoon moustache that stared me in the face this morning, however, has repented me. Look at those tremendous facial pubics. May they hold a place in the book of your mind.


Admiral Farragut said...

Why is it that nobody manufactures an inflatable Hitler love doll? My loins ache in throbbing disappointment.

Tricia said...

Well, you're on the internet. Everyone knows that's hardly the place to go looking for weird sex stuff.