Thursday, October 23, 2008

Defeat Is a Milk Splash on My Face

Oh, great. It appears that my fake nemesis Dan Chiasson has gone to work for The Paris Review as a poetry editor. I'll never get in there now--not after defacing his poem with a plump-breasted Abraham Lincoln feeling all over his bearded self! Do I regret it? Ah, my friends, I only wish I had drawn more warts.


Shannon said...

Man it's nice to see I'm not the only one who froths at the mouth with jealousy when my contemporaries get published at better places than me. Is defacing other people's poems a widespread poetry thing? Because my friend at work did that to some poem that beat his in a contest and it was hilarious, I have it hanging on my desk. Yours might be funnier but I don't think I can put it up at work, sorry

Admiral Farragut said...

I understand that your potrait of Lincoln is to grace the ravamped (for our new economy) five dollar bill. Kudos!

My word verification is "turkslu." One final "t" and we would have "turkslut" and yet another nation pissed off at us. Double Kudos!

Anonymous said...

My word verification is panties, and she will prove it!

Tricia said...

No, Shannon, don't be jealous! Jealousy will eat you from the inside! I deface because I love.

Too right, Admiral, only the finished version will also feature Joshua Fry Speed kissing Lincoln on the neck.