Thursday, July 10, 2008

Robert Graves Hearts Rafael Nadal...Comic

What is sadder than a person who tries so hard to make her Robert Graves ghost look incredible? Let's get a close-up of that last panel:


Shannon said...

I think he looks lovely.

Anonymous said...

Once I borrowed a copy of Robert Graves' Collected Poems from the local library to take with me on a trip. My bag with the book in it was lost and when I got home I reported the loss to the library, and I paid a fine (far less than the value of the book).
When I was notified that the bag had been found and I retrieved it, rather than return the book to the library I chose to keep it.
It was after that I started dating a botanist; the sex was great and she always had the most excellent marijuana. One day I told her the story of how I came to possess Graves' Collected Poems; she asked if she could borrow it and I said yes.
Then her husband returned from some botanical expedition (I didn't know). We stopped seeing each other, and I'd lost the book once more. But on my next visit to the library, lo and behold, there it was: she had returned it to its rightful place.

Can you write a poem from this story?

Tricia said...

He looks distinguished! And voluptuous of lip.

j0yr1de, I wish! Man that poem would become famous immediately, famous for the scene in which the cuckolded botanist returns home and discovers his wife's betrayal, and becomes crazed with grief and eats all of his specimens.

Anonymous said...

smart aleck