Wednesday, July 09, 2008

My Cleavage Almost Tore Through the Page

"Are you going to put me in your next comic?" Elegant Choice queried demanded. "Maybe I will," I answered. "How do you want to look?" He picked up a pad of paper and scribbled furiously for a moment. "LIKE THIS."

I paused. "It's so...accurate. Just for curiosity's sake, how would you draw me?"

"Of course. And our cat?"

Clearly he is the person who should be making internet comics. By the way, I widened my margins in an effort to give myself more comics-space, and in doing so added mad girl colors to my blog. Do not be frightened.


Valerie Loveland said...

Is your cat wearing a cape or one of those cute, caplet things?

Radish King said...

Does Elegant Choice have bee eyes?

Tricia said...

She IS wearing a cape--in his mind, I guess. And yes, Rebecca, Elegant Choice has the bee-est eyes of all; they are huge and side-set and see single things by the hundreds.