Sunday, January 06, 2008


A new camera means that I may at last resume posting pictures of myself sexin' the inanimate in whatever way I choose. Today: the tail end of a walrus figurine, still warm from a child's hand!


Anonymous said...

You got another Anonymous
On your case, so young,
Gorgeous and dangerous!
The problems of this
Anonymous are not
With his cache--thpeaking
Of which comes
From thicking ones tongue
In a soapstone seal's
Tack extracter--
But from seeking to segregate
Computers, deleting crucial
Programs to ease space on an old
Six gig for mere emails
And a icecream girl's blog, so now
The clogged sucker is worthless
Unless the HELP DESK
Bails me out with a copy
Of Windows 2000. Get it,
Little Miss Atrocious
And Delicious? Ciao.

Tricia said...

Aha! Mystery solved.