Sunday, January 20, 2008

Brain on a Raft in the Middle of the Sea

Just what it sounds like, really.


Anonymous said...

That water is like my dream date

Tricia said...

You have my permission to slosh in her.

Montenegro said...


Note a new anonymous personulla
Impressed to comment on Hostess Trishulla’s
Raft of her Medulla:

Gericault’s "Radeau de la Meduse"
Features a matched pair of nudes
Dead from death’s

Desperate procreative impulse,
Ariel, male angel, having succumbed
At last to enact the earthy

And abhorrent commands
Of Sycorax, the inexorable
Female contingency,

Or queen battleaxe, castaways
From a ship Gonzalo describes
As leakier than an un-stanched wench.

"Montenegro is joke: I am Serbian."
--Dusan Makaveyev

Tricia said...

RAFT OF THE MEDULLA! That's what I should have called it!

Anonymous said...

Montengro at your service, mon cher.
(I have just finished watching my umpteenth movie
Starring that nonpareil kaleidoscope,
Isabelle Huppert!)
I hope it doesn't rattle your funny bones
To say you resemble that Brit, Suranne Jones!
Which throws a lot of light on Tricia's
Unfair but otherwise occult Waterhouse animous.

Anonymous said...

This is so horrible.
Now I can't log an entry
On your bloggo
As Montenegro, but Montenegro,
C'est mois! What's my URL,
For heaven's sake!

Montenegro said...

Aha! I seem to have re-seized
My ethereally abstruse, bluntly
Muddled and mundane identity!
So ciao again for now, Tricia,
C'est le vieux, vrais, Montenegre!

Ashley Judd said...

I think you look a little like Winona Ryder, actually.

Tricia said...

Anonymous! You started a blog!

P.S. Who on earth is Suranne Jones?