Sunday, April 01, 2007


Ham Paints a Picture to Illustrate an Early Lesson: O Trauma!

--Mary Jo Bang

I have something of a flair for meat, I am discovering, though each new foray presents its own challenges. How would a ham-hand look, I asked myself, and here is your breathtaking answer. Notice how fully he is studded with cloves; notice how his face is a flapping slice. Also, did you know that there exists no Wikipedia page for Mary Jo Bang? Which is disconcerting, because I think of her as being at least as famous as, say, Adelaide Crapsey.


RHE said...

Yvor Winters was a strong advocate for Crapsey late in life, which has had the effect of keeping her before the scholastic/literary eye. Odd the pairing, Crapsey and Bang, two poets whose names both sound like the punch line of a joke. Bang! Crapsey!

Tricia said...

My God, how did I miss that? I am normally so vigilant about noticing any and all names smacking even slightly of nasty onomatopoeia.