Tuesday, February 13, 2007

What This Party Needs Is Some Fetal Hobos

Magic bird, compound tongues, tramp baby swimming in amniotic seas--this one's got it all. The quote in question is taken, of course, from "Rescue with Yul Brynner," which boasts several other images ripe for interpretation: "like a grasshopper that did not/ know it missed the mower, a pygmy citizen;" "too slow a grower;" "elephant-borne dancer in silver spangled dress." Those will come later--the first, as soon as I determine whether grasshoppers have noses; the second, as soon as it seems decent to present another penis drawing; the third, as soon as I feel capable of placing my creative forceps on either side of a ballerina's face and tugging her forth from wrinkled gray loins.


RHE said...

Not just a mature fetal hobo, I see, but a stylish one as well: that carefully cultivated stubble is too too happening. And the umbilical cord makes him look a bit like a Macy's Day float. Altogether, a very complex creation.

Tricia said...

The fetal hobo of my ego appreciates your compliments, faithful Richard. I tried to give the tramp-baby (babramp? tramby?) some tattered spats, but that proved to be beyond my capabilities.