Friday, February 16, 2007

Time for Another Dashed-Off Mustachioed Blood Monster, This One Wearing a Question for Pants? Oh, I Think So

              Consistent with the
formula--warm blood, no gills, two pairs of hands and a few

is a mammal; there he sits in his own habitat,
serge-clad, strong-shod.

--from "The Pangolin"

Warm blood? Check. No gills? Check. Two pairs of hands and a few hairs? Check and check. Strong-shod? Check. Serge-clad? Beyond your pitiful understanding, little ants of philosophy, and beyond your wildest dreams.


Anonymous said...

A similar creature peered beyond my vagina once

Tricia said...

A "similar creature"? Go eat your crazy-bacon somewhere else--a similar creature has never before walked the face of the earth! And you don't even have a vagina!