Monday, February 05, 2007


Interviews and Criticism

Paris Review interview
Fantastic article by Dan Chiasson in The Believer
Marianne Moore at Find Articles
Article at Slate
Biography and criticism at Modern American Poetry


Poems at Poemhunter
A few poems at RPO
Two poems

Coincidence: today is the 35th anniversary of her death. Richard Nixon made a statement, in which he alluded inappropriately to the kind of splashes she made. They were colorful and enchanting, apparently.


RHE said...

See what passion Tuckerman and Googe inspire--wolfbait and grasshoppers everywhere. Moore? Silence. Darkness. The void. Where are the Moore-ians, presenting their offerings for illustration?

One need not try to stir him up; his prune-shaped head
and alligator-eyes are not party to the joke.
Lifted and handled, he may be dangled like an eel
or set up on the forearm like a mouse


That ought to prove an embarrassment of riches.


Tricia said...

I will dangle you like an eel, sir; I will set you on my forearm like a mouse. I don't see you offering us any sweet illustrations!

RHE said...

As Harrison Ford said at the end of Clear and Present Danger*, Sorry, Madame President, I don't illustrate.

* I am positively Empsonian in my mandarin-ness, and I only quote from the highest of High Culture sources.

Tricia said...

Would that he did! My instincts tell me that Mr. Ford's brain is a vast fevered savanna peopled entirely with voluptuous cartoon characters, which is exactly what we're looking for.