Thursday, February 08, 2007

Hands Are a Particular Specialty of Mine

he let us know without offense
by his hands' denunciatory
upheaval, that he despised the fashion
of curing us with an ape

--from "Nothing Will Cure the Sick Lion but to Eat an Ape"

Regard that lion face: he is delirious, perhaps with fever. Behold the chomping muzzles of those apes. Notice those denunciatory disembodied hands. Remark on how the lone dangling ape appears to suffer from something best described as migratory hip-ass. Appreciate how I made the effort to include a subtle nod to a classic drawing of the past in the form of some groin-fangs, apey this time.

As for the sentiment expressed in the title, how I wish it were true--I wish it were true for humans, even. Then our scientists could engineer tiny apes that would delight either in being swallowed by colicky babies or in munching human flesh like so many twice-lipped leeches.


Anonymous said...

Hard to say which is more impressive, vaginal chomping or chomping vag

Tricia said...

Vaginal chomping, definitely. I mean, let's be honest, vagina is the most expensive meat of all. If you're chomping it, you're probably fucking rich.