Friday, January 19, 2007

I Am the Huge Deserter of Palms at the End of the Mind

Forgive me for absenting my talents so long, readers. Shortly after posting my last masterwork, I began planning the next, and realized that I hadn't taken a picture of myself wearing a costume for a long time. After a little rumination, I decided that a photo of me pretending to breastfeed my cat would illustrate the image "the wrong breast for a child to suck" nicely, but when it came time for Elegant Choice to take the picture, we discovered that our camera had at last given up its shitty ghost. I was submerged in grief for a day or two, but eventually collected myself and drew this instead:

Imagine a painter crucified by his subject!

from "The Painter"

Let me start by saying that I do recognize the difference between "crucified by" and "crucified on," but an entire mob of pigs, babyfaced dinos, and John Ashberys would have taken far too long to draw. Instead, here is a picture of me, a painter, being crucified variously on a pig, a dinosaur, and John Ashbery's beautiful face. (Since we are playing fast and loose with the English language today anyway, I see no reason not to call myself a painter--a world-renowned one, even.) There. Don't tell me that wasn't worth the wait.

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