Tuesday, January 09, 2007

Ashbuary: A Month of Secrets

Moosiluake strikes again, this time with an airborne and sentient man-loaf. He writes: "Although some of us are driven to seek an end to mystery, like David Lehman when he waxes nostalgic over the desire to, 'solve the mystery of bloodshot eyes,' (cocaine) or Whitman moaning and groaning over that 'maternal mystery, the seminal milk' (need I translate?), I think a little mystery is nice. Especially right around the holidays. Especially with a cookie and a glass of milk. Seminal milk.

In lieu of a proper name, I'm enclosing a photo of myself dressed up as one of Mr. Ashbery's poems. This photo was taken directly after the mugwumps emerged, tentatively, from the booby hatch. The line illustrated is, of course, 'For the loaf/of bread that turns in the night sky over Stockholm' in his 'The Gods of Fairness.'"

So what do we know about Moosiluake? We know that a) Moosiluake is almost a mountain in New Hampshire; b) it is always appropriate to make a joke about ninjas, especially when you are being secretive; c) Moosiluake may or may not own a copy of Your Name Here. What does it all mean? M., if you continue to deepen my mystery so aggressively, I will soon start to cry.


Adam said...

this site deserves much browsing. ps - i have written a poem called Evil Robot Monkey with Flaming Sword. Just thought you would like to know.

Tricia said...

Oh, delightful. Clearly you and I are two outcrying beaks on the same fat bird.

Adam said...

love that bird. just love it.

Tricia said...

Yes, let us slice him!