Tuesday, November 21, 2006

Teat-Squeeze Redux

Euclid Avenue
To be or not to be--?
But so to be the denizen stingaree--
As stertorous as nations romanized may throw
Surveys by Maytimes slow...Hexameters
Suspending jockstraps for gangsters while the pil-

Bland (grim)aces Plutarch's perch. And angles
Break in folds of crepe that blackly drape
The broken door...Crouch so. Amend

Then; and clinch.

Clean is that cloven Hoof. Then reap
Strain, clasp oblivion as though Chance
Could absent all answer save the chosen rant.

Stop now, as never, never. Speak

As telegrams continue, write, strike
your scholarship (stop) through broken ribs; jail
(Stripe) answers Euclid. Einstein curves, but does not
Quail. Does Newton take the Eucharist on rail
Nor any boulevard no more? I say...

For there are statues, shapes your use
Repeals. Youse use. You're prevalent,--prevail!
Food once more and souse, like all me under sail.
My friends, I never thought we'd fail.

That dirty peacock's pride, once gory God's own story:
It didn't belong no more; no, never did glory
Walk on Euclid Avenue, as didn't Wm.
Bleached or blacked, whichever t'was. What milk
we've put in blasted pigs!
I says...O, well--

But I say, what a swell chance, boys. No more
Cancers, jealousy, tenements or giblets! Death, my boys,
Nor blinkers either--

Four shots at who-knows-how--how

Many-it-was unsupervised

Grabbed right outa my mouth that final chew--
Right there on Euclid Avenue.

I'm on a roll with these squirting udders, you guys. At first I thought I would go a more conventional route with this one, but at the last minute decided to continue to explore the dangerously edgy theme I introduced yesterday. The pig, as you can see, is extremely blasted, and the disembodied squiggling teats of out-of-picture cows have decided to come to his rescue with their milk, which they spray forth with their inerrantly-aimed hooves.

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