Monday, November 27, 2006

Strange Gratuity of Horses

Back at the erstwhile house
We shoveled and sweated; watched the ogre sun
Blister the mountain, stripped now, bare of palm,
Everything--and lick the grass, as black as patent
Leather, which the rimed white wind had glazed.


For I
Remember still that strange gratuity of horses
--One ours, and one, a stranger, creeping up with dawn
Out of the bamboo brake through howling, sheeted light
When the storm was dying. And Sarah saw them, too--
Sobbed, Yes, now--it's almost over. For they know;
The weather's in their noses.

from "Eternity," unpublished poem

The ellipsis indicates a strophe about steaming mules that I was forced to omit, because I had no room to squeeze them in. Anyway, here are some horses with weather in their nostrils; here also is an ogre sun licking the mountains. You probably thought I was going to give one of the horses a penis, didn't you, since that would have been so gratuitous! Well, I managed to restrain myself, since I figured we had had enough obscenity for one month. But it turned out I couldn't help it, and I drew the penis anyway. However, I ultimately made the decision to censor the offending part, but instead of writing CENSORED on the little bar I wrote PENIS, so you would know what it was. You're welcome!

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