Sunday, October 01, 2006

This Party Is So Freaking Nigh

I made a few necklaces for Wallace Stevens's party, because I want to look pretty, of course, and also because when I imagine him it is usually draped in jewels--or diving into a pool of money like that rich duck! My husband Elegant Choice knew a guy in high school who used to say things like, "Deer asses are sexy!", and when he first told me that story I pretended to laugh, but secretly I thought that guy was totally right and very sexually perceptive, because that's the way I always felt about the cartoon asses of the rich duck and his nephews.

Anyway, the necklaces are also wearing costumes for the occasion; the first one is going as "A Fish-Scale Sunrise", and the second is going as "Two Figures in Dense Violet Night." The first is carnelian, fire agate, labradorite, and phantom quartz; the second is amethyst, rhodolite garnet, labradorite, and snowflake obsidian. I have a couple more, actually--both inspired by "The Green Plant," because I got carried away--but I don't have photos of them at the moment, so I'll post them later. And when you next see me, I will be wearing my party costume, so get ready.

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