Friday, October 13, 2006

It Seems Like the Sort of Idea an Embryo Would Have: Day Twelve

Today's tribute is pretty high-concept, so stay with me here:

"What not quite realized transit
Of ideas moves wrinkled in a motion like
The cry of an embryo?"

from "A Word With José Rodríguez-Feo"

As you can see, that embryo is having some ideas, which are traveling away from it in wrinkled motion like a cry. Having once been an embryo myself, I am all-too-painfully aware that the question of whether or not we are currently being dreamed by a bear is never far from their larval minds. Note: I added some sensuality to the embryo by way of full lips, come-hither lashes, and saucily cocked brows, because I feel that embryos are often given short shrift in the sexy department. Well, not on my watch, you fucking puritans. Not on my watch.


Cuchulainn said...

Three whole days. It looks like embryos get short shrift in the comment dept., too. If you'd only given it titties, things might have been very different.

Tricia said...

It makes me sad, too, because I truly feel that this is my most incisive work yet.