Thursday, October 19, 2006

I Want to See Somebody Smash a Little Cake into John Berryman's Face; So, Probably, Would Wallace Stevens: Day Eighteen

Tony Williams writes: "You may find this representation of a line from ‘The Sense of the Sleight-of-Hand Man’ a bit disjointed, but

One's tootings at the weddings of the soul

Occur as they occur,

so it can’t be helped. I couldn’t decide how the woman’s soul should appear, so it’s a composite of an angel, a scary ghost and a Barbie – like Wallace Stevens himself. The bluish clouds from the next sentence snuck in. The chap in the passenger seat of my Noddy car is John Berryman. Aye."

Aye indeed, and thank you, Tony. You have a clear genius for collage--the curving OOOOGAH emanating from the Noddy car is a particularly nice touch.


Anonymous said...

I love the soul's black ooze

Tricia said...

I think it's ectoplasm, which is a kind of spiritual jizz that takes the place of a person's "corporeal presence" after they are dead. Tony did well to include it here.