Tuesday, October 03, 2006

Happy 127th Birthday, Wallace Stevens: Day Two

My good friend Claudia (who is updating her blog again!) sent me this magnificent picture of herself in a costume that really needs no explanation. Look at her tiny face inside the blackbird's brain!

Also, Andy Gricevich has suggested that we serve nougats at the party. "If possible," he writes, "they should be in great sheets, and served at a 'crisp cafe' setup, early in the course of the party." He is absolutely correct; "Forces, the Will & the Weather" is fuller of nougat than any poem I have ever read. The last strophe is particularly convincing:

It had to be right: nougats. It was a shift
Of realities, that, in which it could be wrong.
The weather was like a waiter with a tray.
One had come early to a crisp cafe.

Great work, you guys. More to come tomorrow!


Anonymous said...

I love her tiny face!

Cuchulainn said...

I've been thinking about this one. I like how the blackbird's right eye is The Claudia's left eye. And certainly the Claudia face in there speaks to the mysterious blackbird mojo of the poem. But I read Heaney's "The Blackbird of Glanmore" not too far back -- a poem wherein Heaney's little brother, lost in a car accident decades ago, sort of inhabits the blackbird. And seriously, when I think about car accidents, I sometimes think of The Claudia. Okay, maybe that's just a 14th way...

Tricia said...

You just blew my mind, Cuchulainn. I completely missed the car accident connection.

Is "The Blackbird of Glanmore" in District and Circle?

Cuchulainn said...

Yep, it's the last poem in D&C. Sort of a sequel to "Mid-term Break", published back in the Late Pleistocene.

Claudia said...

Hey, hey, hey! I've only had 3 car wrecks in my life! And NONE of them my fault! LOL!