Wednesday, October 04, 2006

Eglantine Riviera Is a Genius: Day Three

Are you ready for this? My inscrutable friend Eglantine Riviera writes:

Here's my first contribution to your Wallace Stevens birthday party. It is, I believe, as powerful a blend of literal interpretion and conceptual fantasy as I am able to produce. I am the "cat forgotten in the moon" from the poem "A Rabbit as King of the Ghosts." See here for the full text, which you undoubtedly already have memorized.

Note my whiskers, which are so realistic that, just now, I forgot I'd drawn them with Microsoft Paint. Note the "meow," rendered in the Jokewood font--a clear homage to Meow Mix. Most of my family's cats ate Meow Mix. My mom sometimes used to grab my cats' paws and force them to dance while she sang the Meow Mix song. God, I want to die just thinking about it. Note the mysterious, wistful expression on my face. It reflects the fact that I am willing to die for those cats, who certainly couldn't have given a crap about any of this.

My only regret is that I was unable to include an image of a mystical, wizardly rabbit, beams of light shooting from its paw-tips, possibly riding on the back of a winged serpent. That I must leave to your indefatigable imagination.

Hoping for an early and favorable reply, I am,

Eglantine Lee Riviera


Anonymous said...

This the most beautiful shit I've seen, bitches!

Tricia said...

Wallace Stevens, I appreciate your enthusiasm, but there is no need to make a filthy with your mouth. Not here.