Friday, October 29, 2010

They Steal My New Yorkers Too, I Hope One of Them Wins the Caption Contest Eventually

I have a poem called "That Bullfight in the Forehead, Those Black Eyes" in Gulf Coast. I have a poem called "As Many as Fill the Mouth of Flies, As Much of Lure as Parts the Lips" in Black Warrior Review. I have a poem called "Who Has the Whip-Hand over Aimless Animals" in Zone 3. Here is the Halloween part: all of these magazines dropped yesterday on the dot. Is October 28th a special litmag holy day that I don't know about? I haven't received any of my copies yet because I'm moving in like five days and I had to get my address changed, plus juvenile delinquents in my neighborhood always steal them for some reason. I hope they're so disappointed! I hope they read my nature metaphors and are suddenly seized with the fact of their mortality! A juvenile delinquent reading my poem and going, "Oh no I'm going to die someday" is even sweeter than me getting to kill him myself, for revenge.


Radish King said...


They will all arrive tomorrow crammed in your mailbox spilling over with creamy Tricia brilliance. Your mailbox will swoon. Your mail carrier will propose. Life is good. You deserve it.

Rebecca, Who Has A Poem Forthcoming in a anthology

Tricia said...

Yeah! My cream's gonna be everywhere!

Oh my God I am so zonked on cold medicine right now I am not even capable of formulating a proper response that a human would say

Admiral Farragut said...

Not to mention that your neighborhood will have the best-spoken youth gangs in the city. When they rise to rap about underaged drinking and drive-by shootings it will be with an eloquence and imagery unequaled in all the land.

Tricia said...

We're on different pages, Admiral -- these juvenile delinquents are more along the lines of "bratty teen girls from St. Vincent's"

Sandy Longhorn said...

Super huge congrats, Tricia. Love all three of those magazines. So, by moving will you escape the juvenile delinquents?

Tricia said...

I don't even know, man. I always seem to have problems getting my litmags. Maybe my mail carriers are secret hankerers-after-beauty, maybe THEY take them!