Monday, September 20, 2010

Rejected Author Photos

 What is more poetic than a JUG

I actually kind of love this

 Not to be rude but WHAT A BITCH, 
God, look at the fine light of hatred shining from my face


Ivy said...

Okay, I kinda love all of these photos but I think I love your captioning skillz more. :-)

M-----l said...

It turns out that your outfit and my dining room curtains feature the same ropes.

I love a good coincidence.

Tricia said...

Captions are easier for me than artist statements, thank God

I was wondering who would be the first to notice that my shirt was covered in ropes; M-----l, you win an Award

Valerie Loveland said...

Tricia, we are hairstyle twins. I am going to take the jug photo and pretend it is my author photo! I bet nobody would notice!

Tricia said...

Ooo do it, I am all for dissimulation in the world of author photos!

Radish King said...

Had only your lovely finger slipped a wee bit higher up into your delicately sculpted nostril then I'd say the ARTIST PHOTO WITH HAND that everyone uses would be the one for you. As it is my beauty, there is nothing you can do to hide the flying saucer in your head shining its lights down on the unsuspecting villagers.

Tricia said...

I ended up using a laughing one to trick people into thinking I was kind, or even human