Monday, May 10, 2010


My poems "There Is a Growing Movement, They Have Introduced a Motion" and "The Murder of a Man Who Took Weak Science for a Wife" are up at Past Simple 8, spooning with the all the bodies of Rebecca Loudon, yes! Stacy Elaine edited the issue and Josh Atlas contributed genital drawings. Also: Erik Anderson, Melissa R. Benham, Dan Chelotti, Alban Fischer, Richard Froude, Becca Jensen, Ken Mikolowski, Jesse Morse, Eileen Myles, Francis Raven, Chris O’Rourke, Jean Villepique, and of all people Charlyne Yi, who is here to tell us about vultures!


Admiral Farragut said...

Wow! And Wow! again! I wish more of these journals allowed me to read the poems online, although that is giving away the sweat of the poet's (your) brow. I love your work. It is full of big words, many of which I suspect you make up because Webster is slacking off and hasn't gotten around to inventing them yet. The world is full of lazy bastards and yet you perservere. Good job! Although I am a crusty old sea dog whose opinion means nothing in the lit'ry world, I say again, Wow!

Tricia said...

Awww, thank you, Admiral. I promise that most of those words are real. Mostly.