Tuesday, April 06, 2010

Varieties of Birdseed

Colorful Bird Blend

Supreme Daily Blend Dove Food

Fancy Finch Bird Food

Finch and Small Songbird Blend

Lyric Wild Bird Mix

Cardinal Songbird Select

No Squirrels Just Birds Wild Bird Food

Cockatiel and Other Small Hookbill Gourmet Diet

Multi-Bird Suet with Fruit & Nuts

Cheese Jungle Parrot Food

Orange Oriole Liquid Nectar

Wild Bird High Energy Suet Value 8 Pack

Mealworms to Go Cranberry

Lifetime Parrot Granules

Birdwatcher's Choice Fly Larvae

Insect Suet Logs

Scenic Macaw Hand-Weaning Food

Harrison's Bird Bread

Crazy Corn Cooked Food for Bird Parrots

Orange Delight Suet Plugs

Critter Blockola

Critter Blockola

Critter Blockola



Radish King said...

Cheese Jungle Parrot Food is my favorite. Love this.

Tricia said...

I like all the suet--suet logs! Suet plugs! I will lose my suet plug before I give birth to my child Critter Blockola.

Harry said...

I mainly use Ultiva Feeder Mix myself, apart from the peanuts and niger seed. And some suet balls and peanut treats. And the occasional dried mealworms.

Tricia said...

I never realized bird food was so insane, I guess. It was such a pleasant surprise.

RHE said...

As it happens, Young Abe Lincoln learned to read by the light of Insect Suet Logs. By the flickering glow of insect suet, he worried through the mortal peril in which Harry had been placed by Lord Voldemort, and this forever fueled his hatred of injustice, inhumanity, and smoldering thoraxes.

Harry said...

I was just looking over my old bird food receipts, because I needed to order some more, and found I once ordered a 'Caged Worm Feeder'.

Tricia said...

Of course, Richard. That's simple History.

Caged Worm Feeder! I'm telling you, it's a gold mine.