Tuesday, March 30, 2010


I have no idea what I'm doing in this picture, other than looking so so crotchy, but let me draw your attention to the painting above me. It is Famous David, he of the huge head, of the tiny thighs, of the hyacinth loins. He raises a turkey leg to his lips; it is the Renaissance. A lady stands on the surface of a lake; she is on fire. It is Art.


Finch said...


That appears to be a waffle cone.

Turkey flavored?

Tricia said...

Your eyesight is clearly, clearly better than mine. I was so sure those ice cream bulges were, like, turkey muscles.

Anonymous said...

I agree -- that's definitely ice cream.

Tricia said...

Too obvious, for an ice cream blog! A turkey leg it must remain.

Finch said...

I feel strangely proud.

PS...I followed you through time and space from back when you were on diaryland. I semi-recently asked myself (and Google), "Whatever happened to that delightful notafinger?"

I never guessed my first direct message to you would be to point out you fail at telling the difference between poultry and ice cream.

Tricia said...

Of course, he was painted on the window of an ice-cream store, so I may have been tipped off already. But if you're familiar with not-a-finger, then you already know I am capable of great Maulings and Misapprehensions of Fact!