Sunday, March 23, 2008

In Case You Forgot, I Am Obsessed with Topol

David Chelsea is trying to teach me perspective. Good luck, guy! You're talking to a person who doesn't actually believe that objects appear smaller at a distance, and who actually does believe that if one object appears in front of another object in the same picture, the whole world is in danger of collapsing wormhole-style. He's all, "Draw a swastika on the floor," and I'm all, "Nice try, Hitler, but Tevye wouldn't like it."


Montenegro said...


A nanny goat
Hides in every tree
(Hooves be damned,
I can climb too,
Whinnies the billy,
Chewing off labels
To taste glue)
Their eyes, hazel
Or blue, golden

Or green with fire,
Blind to the honey
That binds them,
Pan or Pain,
The gods of desire
And the mud
They made to feed
The tree and get
It higher.

Tricia said...

Whoa, how did I miss a nanny goat poem? I thought I was super attuned to those in general--sorry for the neglect!

Montenegro said...


Thanks for tending
To us baleful
In the bog of our being
With a silver trickle
From Tricia's
And lusciously
Horned pailful.

SarahJane said...

everyone is obsessed with topol. the way he shakes that pelvis around the barnloft. mein gott, what is there to do but throw the eyebrows up like plates!?

Tricia said...

This is what I'm saying! You agree because you are right-minded.