Wednesday, October 24, 2007 a Way That I Cannot Even Describe

I received this treasure in my inbox this morning, courtesy of everyone's favorite anonymous commenter. He is such a cornucopia of perversity; what did I ever do to deserve him? There is no way to prepare you for what you are about to experience--all 13-plus minutes of it--so I won't try, except to say that nude men copulating with a field is only the beginning. Enjoy.


Whimsy said...

Oh, my.

The best I ever get in my comment box are new hummus recipes.

Anonymous said...

"Joy has no stories!"

--Balkan proverb

Away for a week
To worship at the feet
Of my year-and-a-half
Old granddaughter.

Ciao for now.
And of course,
More anon. (Hm.
Hummus, eh? Hm.)

Tricia said...

Have fun! Whimsy, I guess I'm just lucky.

Anonymous said...


misterotic said...

The group rain vagina seen is classic

Tricia said...

Whoa indeed, Jilly. What other words are needed?

I thought so myself, misterotic. Lawrentian, even.