Saturday, September 08, 2007

And When You're Finished, Touch Me

When did I start drawing for fun? Art is for babies--little babies with tasty crayons. Anyway, here is a picture of a peacock monster with an elderly face. "Touch me, Flannery!" he cries, for obvious reasons.


Anonymous said...

This is exceedingly beautiful

Anonymous said...


There was no fire, Abi,
Nor leaves the color of fire
Turning in the wind, nor starlight
Refracted and turning in the sky
As if evil were gorgeous
And believable as the dying twilight’s
Red smoldering coal.

Only a peacock, no phoenix,
Nor flying, striding among hemlock
And crying that its head was lost
In a space of the sky like a spark
In a fireplace chimney,
That beauty was useless,
That earth and the dark were cold.

Anonymous said...

Another sonnet for Tricia, who's 25, we note, which doesn't damage our ardor, flycasting for trout, catch and release, leaving on the hands a little fishy grease. According to Google, various porno sites tout a card (surely a canard) among their monkeyhouse algorhythms which depicts Tricia Flannery fucking John Blair.

Tricia Flannery's fucking John Blair.
Her ass is pink, her eyes are blue,
But who can guess the color
Of her ever-touseled hair?

See what happens? Here's the sonnet:


“Why are you wearing a girlish dress?”
A virgin idiot taunted Achilles,
Reaching under his peplum for a whirlpool
Of falling stars, encountering a cannon.
This was on Spyros, the Greek diaspora
Like a disco light, frantic, slow and eternal,
Complacent as a headache, even
Back then, so she squeezed it
And looked at him significantly,
And told herself, if not now, when?
Awaiting like a woman the apocalypse,
And not to display her laundry,
But to sing to herself the songs
Of her people while she washed it.

Anonymous said...

Check that. I think she was fucking Tony Blair, so you'd have to go:

Tricia Flannery fucking Tony Blair--
Her ass is pink, her eyes are blue,
But what is the color
Of her ever-tousled hair?

Tricia said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Tricia said...

That's too bad--John Blair would have been a more interesting partner by far.

Anonymous said...


Someone’s balloon has softly hit the net. *
Is our Patricia flustered as a Siberian flower,
A blue-bearded iris, a Maria Sharapova? Hell no,
Her second serve’s a thousand miles an hour!

* Comment #5, "Fault!"

Radish King said...

Hahahahaaa, lord this is funny. i like, especially, the toe nubbins.

Tricia said...

*basks in sweet glow of Rebecca Acceptance; plus whatever anon is sending my way*

Anonymous said...

She didn't decapitate him,
She kicked him where she wouldn't blind him.

(This is where the serpent lives, the bodiless, etc.)